5 Body-Weight Workouts For Strong Shoulder Muscles

Relying on your body weight can promote quick muscle mass gain. The possibility of building a shoulder at home are wide-ranging. If you do it three days a week, every alternate day, you can quickly build a bigger and stronger muscle right in the comfort of your own house without the equipment. One of the easiest ways to get perfect shoulders at home is by doing push-ups and pull-ups. Here are a few exercises that you can get started with.


#1: Basic Push-Ups

In this, you start in a high plank position and place your hands under your shoulder. From head to toe keep your body in a straight line. Contract your ab muscles so that your back doesn’t form an arch and your hips don’t sag. Bend your elbows as low as your chest to the ground at the hip level. Ensure that your elbow is at a 45-degree angle away from your body. Once you lower your back as far as you can, push yourself back up to a plank.

#2: Decline Push-Up

In this, you start with a plank position with your hands slightly placed wider than the shoulder distance. Then place your feet at an elevated surface (such as a bench or chair) that is at least 12 to 20 off the floor. Again, contract your ab muscles so that your back does not arch, and hips do not sag. Then do the classic push-up movement. After you lower yourself as much as you can, come back to the position from where you started.

#3: Explosive Push-Up

In this exercise, start with the classic plank position. However, keep your elbows right below your shoulder; keep knee and elbow completely straight. Lower your body as much as you can where you are almost about to touch the ground. Press yourself as quickly and explosively as possible so that your hands leave the ground. Return to the ground and come back to the position from where you started.

#4: Pike Push-Ups

In this push-up, lie flat on your stomach, with your hand and feet kept at shoulder-width apart. Then steadily push yourself off the floor by extending your arms and raise your hips in the air. Push your weight back towards your heels to form an inverted angle with your body and hip raised. Maintain this position as you bend your elbows and lower yourself down. Stop when your forehead is an inch above the ground and then push yourself back.

#5: Door Pull-Up

In this, you hang from a pull-up bar (usually found at the doorway) with your palms facing out and your hands faced at shoulder-width length. Bend your knees and lift your feet and cross them behind you. Pull yourself up until your chin crosses the bar slightly. Slowly push yourself down from where you started.