5 Most Effective Exercises For Joint Pain

There is nothing worse than feeling like your body isn’t functioning well, especially when you remember a time when things were different. Getting back to your regular routine post-trauma can be a real ordeal because your self-confidence hits ground zero. Joint pain can be a hassle as it interferes with the smooth functioning of your daily activities. Despite the pain, there is no chance for you to stop. Here are some exercises and workouts that will help to relieve joint pain and build muscle strength.


#1: Swimming

Summer is here and this could be one of the many reasons to get in the pool. Aquatic exercises are good for those who have minor joint pains and want to avoid further deterioration. There are various ways you can integrate this activity, for example, simple swimming laps. You can also try aqua aerobics or sports to add variation to your workouts. Swimming is known to be as effective as walking.


#2: Running

Runners are known to have better knee and joint health because their body adapts, and they have a thicker and healthier cartilage. But if you are not a runner, you have to be careful. If you are running for the first time to ease your joint pains, it is not a good idea to start running at a high intensity at the very start. Start with light jogging and then you can increase your intensity. Running takes care of your overall fitness as it engages most of the muscles and joints.


#3: Strength Training

When it comes to joint pain, strength training is the best thing you can do. Initially, if you cannot do this in weight-bearing like squats or lunges, then start with non-weight bearing with things like leg extension or a leg press machine. Avoid intense strength training exercises like jump squats or hopping or running until you build strength.

#4: Spin

Hop on the bike – it is a great way to get in some low-impact cardio in your routine. Additionally, this will take care of your joints, especially your knees. When you join a spin class, talk to your instructor, tell him/her about your concern so that they can make necessary adjustments for the same. Sometimes a poor set-up like riding in a too-high seat can result in otherwise preventable injuries.


#5: Yoga

As far as exercises are concerned, yoga is the safest. It is believed that yoga is the safest form of traditional care for all your health problems as there are negligible chances of injury. If you are starting after a long hiatus, starting off with yoga exercise is a safe bet, to regain your lost confidence. Gentle yoga is an excellent practice to add to your routine. You can also use props like blocks or straps, to personalize your experience. After you have overcome your fear of pain and injury, you can try other forms of exercise and workouts to build muscle strength.