5 Super Effective Bodyweight Leg Exercises To Try At Home

Bodyweight exercises, if done correctly, are ideal for burning fat. With the 21 days lockdown, you can try some of the most effective bodyweight exercises for your legs. These exercises will push up your heartbeat and will increase the fat-burning process. In addition to burning fat, it will also help you to gain lean muscles. In comparison to weightlifting, bodyweight exercises are known to cause less harm to the joints. Here are some of the bodyweight leg workouts that you can try at home during the lockdown till the time you hit the gym.

#1: Squats

An air squat is the most basic exercising position that targets the muscles of the lower body including the spine. This exercise movement demands midline stabilization. In this, keep your leg at shoulder-width apart with the toe pointed straight ahead. Your hips don’t move down and back while squatting. Keep your back straight and move downwards with your hips descending lower than your knees. Do three sets with 15 reps each.

#2: Lateral Step-Overs

Stand up and stand towards the right side of the bench. Push through your left heel and raise your body on the bench. Touch down on the bench with your right foot, while hopping your left foot to the other side. This is good for the calve muscles. Do 20 reps and go straight to the next move.

#3: Bulgarian Split Squats

In this spin around to face away from the bench, while you are resting one foot on the bench that is behind you. Ensure that the top of the foot is touching the bench and not your toes. Squat with your standing leg until the knee of your back leg touches the ground. Then push through your front leg to stand up. Do next rep of this on one side and then switch to the other. Do 20 reps of this, rest for 20 secs, then go back to do the bench toe taps. Do three circuits to make it a superset.

#4: Reverse Lunges

In comparison to the basic lunges, reverse lunges place stress on the knees and tone the entire leg. Do the reverse variation of the lunges by taking one leg behind and bending both and 90-degree angles, return and repeat with the other leg. Repeat 5 times for each leg. Rest for 30 seconds.

#5: Jumping Lunges

The last of the set is a friendly exercise in which you don’t use the bench. Whether you choose to do 30, 20 or 10 reps the aim should be doing it non-stop, without resting. There should be minimal rest in between the sets. Lunge forward until the back knee touches the ground. After that push harder through the front leg to spring up. Switch your feet in mid-air to land with the other foot in front. Keep repeating to complete your set.