5 Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

It is true that there is no gain without pain. But your hard work will mean nothing if you can’t bounce back from your killer workout sessions. It’s simple – the faster you recover, the more intense is your next workout. After exercise, recovery is necessary to repair your muscles and tissues. It takes approximately 24-48 hours to repair, rebuild, and get back to your stronger form. If you are thinking of speeding up the recovery process, follow these five easy guidelines:

#1: Post-Workout Meal

Food is necessary to replenish the energy you lost during a workout. While many of you might resist having food, it is fine to take your proteins. This will help you with providing energy and add to your body mass. You can also choose to have carbs. Taking carbs is subjective and depends mostly on your physiology. If you want, you can have a mix of proteins and carbs. A good range would be 40-70gms carbs and 30-50gms protein.

#2: Short Naps

In addition to your regular sleep at night, try to take short naps for 15-20 minutes during the day. These short naps speed up the recovery process. It is also helpful in regulating blood pressure, reducing stress, and it aids in weight management. Your body recovers faster when you rest, so sleep as and when possible.

#3: Stretch It Out

Reduce muscle tension in your body by stretching out after your workout is done. Stretching increases and improves blood circulation to reduce muscle fatigue. Stretching after an intense workout can be painful but serves as an effective cooldown. Don’t miss out on the benefits of stretching because it will help you in the long run.

#4: Hydration And Caffeine

Drink adequate water to flush out toxins from the body and keep your muscles hydrated. Your body needs adequate water to function. It is said that a reduction of 2 per cent of water in your body can make you feel exhausted by almost 10 per cent. Coffee is a wonder drink – pre-workout or post-workout. The caffeine is known to suppress muscle fatigue and can make you feel energized after your workout. Avoid alcohol for the next 24-48 hours to keep dehydration at bay.

#5: Rest To Recover

Resting your muscles after an intense workout is always a good idea. Some light movement or doing some mobility drills can accelerate the recovery process. Light cardio after a heavy workout day can ease soreness by increasing the blood flow and circulation in the muscles. Also, foam rolling is an excellent way to fight muscle tightness.