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Top Benefits Of Jumping Jacks


In the United States, physical jumping exercises performed intensely are known as jumping jacks. The challenge lies in setting and achieving your fitness goals by jumping. Interestingly, this name is derived from a children’s toy that moves its entire body to exercise. 

A United States Army officer was the first to develop and use it in World War I. And ever since, this high-intensity workout has found room in military training. There are many benefits of Jumping Jacks, some of which are highlighted here, followed by the right ways to perform them. Take a look.


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Benefits Of Jumping Jacks

Before you take the plunge and set goals, let’s check the health benefits of Jumping jacks.

*Smart Fact* This full-body exercise is known as Star Jumps in the UK and Commonwealth nations. The name comes from those unique shapes formed in this body workout. 

Good For Bone Health

Jumping Jacks are brilliant for your bone health. Following a regular workout routine makes your bones stronger and denser. This cardio exercise prevents the risk of osteoporosis and loss of bone mass.

Even if you begin setting smaller goals for a few months, Jumping jacks can significantly improve your bones. You can continue to do them mildly later as a part of your training.

Help In Weight Loss

A regular high-intensity jumping jacks workout for 30 minutes burns 186 calories for a 70 kg person. Thus, apart from increasing bone and muscle strength, these short-term exercises can aid in weight loss. 

Activate Your Full Body

Your aerobic capacity and body temperature can significantly increase through jumping jacks. Experts call it a full-body exercise that should be done as a warm-up or cardio exercise. So, if you lift weight to build muscle, this body workout can reduce your weight and tone your body. 

Reduce Stress

One of the health benefits of cardio exercise is reduced stress. Your mood improves when you set realistic goals and do jumping jacks. Happiness hormones, known as endorphins, are released, which ease pain perception and stress. Apart from anxiety, you can also get rid of insomnia if you set goals for exercise. 

Good For Heart Health

Heart health is among the best benefits of jumping jacks. When you set goals and do physical activity regularly, your heart rate elevates. Heart rate also indicates if you’re pushing too much or exercising correctly. 

Whether you perform low or high-intensity exercises for achieving your goals, your heart stays good. So, move your heart rate in the optimal zone through personal training of jumping jacks.  

Increase Lung Capacity

Like cardiovascular benefits, jumping jacks work for your lung capacity. If a regular workout routine is maintained, lungs can turn healthier and take in more oxygen. 

Boost Muscle Strength

When you lift a weight, your muscle strength develops. It is nothing new, but jumping jacks work faster. Hip abductors, calves, abs, core muscles, and shoulder abductors build muscles effectively. That’s another reason why your daily workout should include jumps. 

Cardiovascular Benefits

If you’re setting a fitness goal, you may include jumping jacks and do them every week. As per the World Health Organization, a moderate-intensity workout routine maintains blood pressure levels.

You can make a long-term goal of 150 minutes every day. Not only can jumping jacks work on reducing stress, but they also balance lipid levels. 

How To Meet Your Fitness Goal?

Follow The Right Jumping Jack Technique

Make sure that your starting position for jumping jacks is correct. You should stand with your feet together, then slightly bend the knees and jump. So, the legs will open up, and your hands will inevitably touch over the head. The body workout is all about jumping correctly. 

Warm-Up Before The Jacks

Jumping jacks are the best warm-up cardio exercise. Even so, you need to warm yourself up before beginning them. To make your leg and thigh muscles move, perform 10-12 squats. It’ll also help build muscle. Follow it by 5-6 lunges, sideways and forward. They should always be a part of physical training. 

Avoid Injuries While Doing Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks have many health benefits when you work towards achieving your goals. However, to ensure you’re getting them right, take a few precautions. You can use an even, flat surface instead of an undulating one. Wear shock-absorbing shoes and avoid cement. 

If you have blood pressure or similar issues, take a break. Restart and set smaller goals for yourself. If your body isn’t working due to injuries or pain, listen to it and visit a professional soon. 

More About Jumping Jacks

What Are Power Jacks?

Traditional jumping jacks are similar to power jacks. Only the latter is of high intensity. Here, a person sets goals to squat as low as possible while landing. And the aim to jump during this full-body exercise is as high as possible. 

How To Avoid Shoulder Injuries During Jumping Jacks?

Since you use shoulders and arms extensively in jumping jacks, the best way is half jacks. These are similar to how regular jumping jacks work. Only here can your hands go halfway up and touch the body sides in the starting position. 


Regardless of how long a haul your fitness goal is geared towards, jumping jacks are excellent. A full-body workout done daily not only helps build muscle but also aids in weight loss. 

But of course, it’s vital to set realistic goals and know your capacity. Once everything is balanced, nothing can stop you from deriving the best of these exercises. So, let’s take the plunge now!