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How To Eat Healthy At A Restaurant


Eating out can be a daunting task when sticking to a healthy diet. With so many unhealthy options available, it’s hard to know what’s healthy. However, with a little bit of knowledge and preparation, eating healthy at a restaurant is easy! This article will give you tips and tricks to eating healthy at a restaurant. So you don’t end up blowing your diet just because you wanted to enjoy an evening out!

Say “No” To The Bread Basket

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Bread baskets are especially dangerous for those trying to stick to a healthy diet. If you know your restaurant serves bread before the meal, try asking them not to bring it out or ask them to serve the bread on the side. That way, you can have some if you want, but you don’t have to feel obligated!

You Don’t Have To Order An Entree

If you are trying to eat healthy while eating out, there’s no reason to order an entree every time. Many restaurants offer salads, soups, and appetizers that are just as filling. And they are generally lower in calories! Just make sure to stay away from cream- or butter-based soup options. Try ordering a simple salad instead of an entree. If the restaurant doesn’t have healthy appetizer options, consider splitting an entree with a friend.

Go Light On The Dressing And Cheese

When you order a salad, make sure to ask for dressing and cheese on the side. Nobody wants an entire salad covered in thick creamy dressing or heaping piles of cheese! If you decide to use dressing on your salad, try asking for oil and vinegar instead. You can always add a little bit of honey mustard or ranch as well! This will allow you to control how much of these unhealthy toppings get added to your meal.

Be Mindful Of Portion Size

Remember that portion size matters. It’s easy to get carried away with a delicious dish and order way too much! While you might feel embarrassed taking half of your food to go, it’s better than throwing away your hard-earned fish and chips in the bin. Portion sizes are generally larger at restaurants, so take note when ordering. If you know that you tend to eat more than usual at restaurants, try splitting your meal with a friend.

Skip The Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are a huge source of empty calories. Not only that, but drinking alcohol can also cause you to ingest too many unhealthy toppings. The more you drink, the less likely you will order healthy sides like vegetables! If you’re craving a glass of wine or beer, try having it with dinner instead of before. This will help reduce the amount you drink and lead to less overeating.

Ask For Customization

Customization is one of the best ways to control calorie intake at restaurants! Even though restaurants are trying their best to offer healthy options, there is always room for customization. If you ask for it, they’re more than likely willing to remove/replace an unhealthy ingredient! For instance, asking to have your burger without cheese or sauce will drastically reduce the fat and calorie content.

Take Advantage Of Healthy Menu Options

Healthy menu options do exist! Make sure to check out the healthy section of an establishment’s menu. This is where you will find meals low in saturated fat and sodium. A lot of restaurants also offer light options on their regular menus. It’s best to go with grilled or baked proteins instead of fried, and avoid extra toppings like cheese and cream.

Eat A Snack Beforehand

If you know that you will eat out for dinner, try eating a healthy snack beforehand! A little something in your stomach will help reduce your urge to indulge. Try having some small like fresh fruit or low-calorie popcorn before you go out! The small snack will help ensure that you don’t go overboard because you are too hungry.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Restaurant staff is usually very willing to accommodate their customers. If you have dietary restrictions or healthy eating goals, make sure to mention them as soon as you arrive. The waiter needs to know what you want to ensure the kitchen prepares your meal correctly. Chances are they can help you and can also make some suggestions! If you are trying to eat healthily, it’s always best to ask as many questions as possible to know what you are eating.

Drink Water Before And During Eating

Water is a healthy alternative to many drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated, and water is a much better option than soda or alcohol. When you drink a glass of water before having anything else, it will help reduce your hunger and make you less likely to overeat! Water naturally fills you up, so quench your thirst with a tall glass before dinner. Then, try to drink a glass with each course you have.


Eating out can be a great way to catch up with friends and family, but it’s also easy to overeat. You can avoid negative effects on your healthy eating goals with some helpful hints. Not only will you feel healthier after your meal, but you’ll save money as well! Eating out is not off-limits when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. These simple suggestions can help anyone stay on track and still enjoy delicious food!