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Over-Training & What To Look Out For


Excessive training could seriously hurt the progress of reaching an individual’s fitness goal. It is quite easy to be drawn into the trap and individuals often do not recognize they have. This is due to the fact they are driven and focused on achieving their goal. Over-training manifests itself in several forms, from a sore, tired body to loss of motivation and fatigue. They all appear to be apparent signs of over-training. There are to some degree, however, several more indicators that warn individuals to slow down just a bit.


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Poor Sleep Quality

This could present itself as changes in sleep patterns or even insomnia. The body is under immense stress when exercising, releasing several different stress hormones. While over-training, these hormones begin to be produced in excessive amounts. The body requires sleep in order to assist in repairing the body. During this time it flushes stress hormones from the system. Over-production of stress hormones might decrease the body’s ability to sleep.

Decrease In Performance

Another sign of over-training is that of decrease in performance. Individuals might be progressing in their sessions, increasing speed, time and might even be weight. However, not seeing the results or they are beginning to believe that they are going backward. It could be a decrease in endurance, power, agility, and speed. These are all indicators of over-training.


This is when the body of the individual or even their body part starts to feel sore or heavy. This might last for about three or more days. Individuals never are able to recover from the effort of the previous workout session.

Mood Swings Or Agitated Easily

Quite often levels of concentration decrease noticeably due to mood swings and agitation. Individuals begin to produce different hormones when they exercise. These hormones require rest periods so that they can return to normal levels. Over-training decreases the ability of the body to eliminate these hormones from the system. This could lead to imbalances within the body.

Reduced Appetite

Imbalances in hormones could often impact the appetites of individuals. This is at a time when the body really requires fuel for repair, the system shuts down and stops informing the individual of this. This is because of the imbalance of hormones being produced.


Niggles and injuries could be a result of over-training. This might appear to be obvious; however, individuals often force themselves to push through small aches and pains. This is the time the body is trying to indicate that you need to slow down and probably take a break.


This is not an indicator of over-training; however, it is one of the most common reasons that result in it. This means that individuals are not providing their bodies adequate amounts or even the correct form of fuel. For the type of exercise or workout that the individual is expecting the body to perform, the fuel is not enough. This results in extreme under-performance while trying to train.