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Virtual Workouts: How to Cope with Gym Closures


The COVID-19 has transformed every aspect of our lives and going to the gym and maintaining a fitness routine is not an exception. Finding it difficult to workout at home? Don’t know how to cope up with gym closure? Try virtual workout.

in these times of uncertainty where you have limited outdoor opportunities, extra work responsibilities at home and strict quarantine rules, you can still maintain a fitness routine through a virtual workout. Here are six ways you can use a virtual workout to stay connected and stay fit while staying safe at home.

Set Up A Virtual Workout Via Facetime Or Zoom

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Working out alone is not as motivating as working out with friends at gym. But what if the gym is closed and you are forced to stay indoors? By setting up a virtual workout using Facetime or Zoom. Connect with your best workout friends over technology and workout together. Simply by looking and talking to each other can motivate you and your friends to exercise harder and stick to your targets.

Also working out together acts as an incentive and keeps everyone motivated to accomplish their target.

If you find it difficult to connect with each other every time you work out, it is best to set up a workout schedule where it is convenient for everyone to show up. If this arrangement does not work, you can connect virtually once or twice a week simply feel a little less alone. Also, by connecting once or twice a week, you can share your progress and get to know what your other fitness partners are up to.



Set a Weekly Challenge

If you are motivated to maintain fitness, there is nothing better than setting up a weekly challenge. For runners, they often set up a target of x thousand steps a week. So even when you are at home and working out indoors, you can set up a weekly challenge. Here are a few ideas to keep you going.

Certain Number of Miles Over the Treadmill – Decide on a certain number of miles that you want to walk or run over the treadmill during the week. Keeping pushing yourself to do more in the coming weeks.

How Long Can You Hold Your Plank? – Plank requires a lot of focus and attention. It is perhaps the best workout to build up your core so challenge yourself to hold your plank longer. And make your exercise more intense every week.

Most Numbers of Push-ups – If you are working out in a group, make it a group challenge and see who can do most number of push-ups.

Certain Calories to Burn Every Week – Set up a target to burn certain number of calories every week. You can easily install a fitness tracker that can help you find out how many calories you burn by doing a certain workout. In some automatic indoor cycles and treadmills, calories burnt is a built in feature that allows you to keep a track of how many calories are burnt as a result of your workout.

Having a weekly challenge is a great way to keep yourself motivated even when you workout at home.



Follow a Shared Virtual Workout Plan

Regardless of how often you connect with your workout partners, following a shared virtual workout plan is a great way to stay on track with your fitness routine. You can develop a working document where you and your fitness partners can set up a workout plan for let’s say one week or 10-days. Start with a Google doc that everyone can view and edit. Make sure everyone updates their progress each day. And once the week is over, you can analyze your progress towards your fitness targets.

Depending upon where you are living, you can go for certain outdoor activities while maintaining social distance however, given the current situation it is best to stay safe while being at home. And if you feel your fitness routine is suffering, try virtual workout with your best workout pals.