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5 Golden Rules For Setting Fitness Goals


It is accepted generally that if individuals want to be successful in life, they will need to set goals. These goals are no different as it relates to hitting the gym. If individuals do not have goals, they will lack concentration and direction. Setting goals not only permit individuals to take ownership of their own success, it allows them to have a method of benchmarking.

It allows them to ascertain if they are actually being successful. In order to accomplish their goals, individuals need to understand how to set those goals. The setting of goals is a process that begins with meticulously considering what they want to accomplish. Then it culminates with a ton of hard work in actually doing it.

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Setting Goals

Individuals have to ensure that their goals are concise and clear. They also must be realistic and achievable. The most critical thing when goal setting is that it should definitely mean something to the individual. Individuals have to be emotionally connected to the goal and also what the result means to them. For instance, an individual that wants to compete in a marathon due to a bet.

This drive is not derived from within the individual and might not have much meaning if it is not accomplished. However, to compete in a marathon due to making yourself proud has much more of an inherent value. This would give the individual a greater chance of succeeding.

Set Goals That Are Achievable

SMART is what individuals should be when planning out their goals. Simple, there is no reason that individuals should have a five-page list of goals. Keep the list short and sweet. Meaningful, the goals must really mean something to the individual. As if, jot down the goals as if they have already achieved them in the future. That is, I completed a marathon, this would assist the individual in visualizing the goal.

Responsible, It all depends on the individual, they have to be the one responsible for the end result. Towards, the individual should write the goal as though they were moving towards it rather than away from it. That is, I want to be 150 pounds, instead of I want to lose 10 pounds.

Write The Goals Down

Jot the goals down somewhere that is frequently visible. This is a type of positive affirmation, reminding the individual of what they are going to achieve. Once the goals have been written down, it somehow becomes real. And as soon as it becomes real, it must be owned by the individual. Training partners and loved ones should be involved in the process as well. This way the individual becomes accountable for their actions.

Remain With It

One thing to note, success is not linear. Individuals will have bumps along the way and things will not always process as smooth as it is planned. Remain with the process and individuals should believe in themselves. They will accomplish their tasks. The main thing to keep in mind is that when things do not go according to plan, find out why they didn’t. This means that individuals could make alterations in order that they would not occur again.

Do Not Beat Yourself Up

When a goal is set, it is not an immovable object, it is something that an individual has decided to work towards. In order to achieve the goal, individuals have to put a plan in place. Even though, life is not quite that simple and therefore the goal must have some form of flexibility. Maybe the goal is to complete a marathon in less than four hours. However, it was completed in four hours, two minutes, which should still be considered an outstanding accomplishment.

If the individual wanted to be 150 pounds by Christmas day and they are 152 pounds on that day, which is an awesome achievement. The reality is that individuals made the changes, remain with their plan, and have stepped closer to their goal. Therefore, pat yourself on the back, take an assessment of why the goal was missed by such a tiny margin. Then go for it again.