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Top 7 Full Body Workouts


Exercises that strengthen the vital muscles of your body are indeed more profitable for your fitness and overall health. If you have ever undergone weight loss training with a personal trainer, you may have experienced their emphasis more on push-ups, squats, planks, deadlifts, and chin-ups.

Let’s take a look at the full body exercises given below.  


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A wonderful full-body and multi-joint physical workout are squats. It mainly works the medius, minimus quads, hamstrings, and the gluteus maximus. Squats positively affect the core and back stability, particularly when you work out with the weight to a minor degree. Stand with your toes pointed towards the outside and the feet a little more than hip-width apart to suitably enact a squat.

Lower yourself down so that your thighs are parallel with the floor. Keep the whole body weight in your heels, and make an effort not to let your knees go beyond your toes. Employ your core primarily as you intensify the weight you are squatting to prevent arching your back. Do three sets of 8-12 reps. 


Another great compound workout is the deadlift. Deadlifts are the best exercise for your glutes and hamstrings, and in addition to that, you will get a lower back and a tougher core. It is fantastic to have a robust lower back which can help dissuade back injuries later on. Last but not least, it enhances grip strength because you must hold on to the bar as you are raising it. Your back must stay neutral, or you can have a threat of injury to accomplish a deadlift properly. Do three sets of 6-8 reps. 


You can do push-ups anytime, anywhere. You are not required to slap your money on gyms. Save your time and effort and strengthen your muscles at home with push-ups at your own pace and convenience. 

Build a stronger core, triceps, pectoral muscles, and deltoids with a proper push-up routine. To get into the right posture, begin with the high plank position keeping your hands under your shoulders. While keeping your body straight, lower yourself, bend at the elbows at a ninety-degree angle touching the ground; this will get your core, hamstrings, and glutes worked up. Now, push yourself back up to finish one rep. Bear in mind if you lay on your stomach, then it will not be beneficial at all. 


It is the best exercise for building upper body strength. Besides your core strengthening, which happens by default, chin-ups will also work on building your teres major, biceps, infraspinatus, and latissimus dorsi. The cherry on the cake is your improved grip, as you have to cling onto the bar while lifting your body high up. 

To get into a chin-up position, hold the bar with your hands towards you and pull yourself up, so your chin is over the bar. Slowly and gradually lower yourself down. 


Isometric exercise is also known as static strength exercise, and the plank is one of the best such exercises. This exercise tones your core muscles explicitly, enhances your power and corrects your posture. Different types of planks cater to other parts of your body and muscle requirements.

There are various modifications of the same plank, such as the high plank in which one has to keep the arms straight, then the low plank, the front plank, and the side plank. In all these planks, you must make sure to hold your position and keep your body straight, irrespective of which type. Only by keeping your body straight can you tone up your core muscles which is the main purpose of this exercise.

Bench Press

The bench press is the most favored amongst bodybuilders, especially for building chest and arm strength. You can work out your core, traps, triceps, and front shoulders with the bench press. This cult-favorite muscle-moving exercise is everybody’s cup of tea. However, here are a few things one must bear in mind while doing bench press:

  • Find someone to stand behind you when you do it for the first time. 
  • Focus on your chest muscles, tuck in your elbows slightly, and feel the increasing tension on the chest. 
  • You can start bench presses using a smith machine, a flat bench, or an inclined surface. 

Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row is the best exercise to work out your biceps and widen your back. You can do it using a dumbbell, too, holding it in each hand. The exercise involves your lats, hamstrings, forearms, shoulders, and spinal erectors. Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. 

While standing, bent over with legs shoulder-width apart. Face your palms up while holding the bar to engage the bicep muscles and pull the bar closer to your abs. Be careful here, do not bring the bar closer to your chest. 

Final Thoughts 

Work out your major muscles with the full-body incredibly effective exercises for weight loss, as mentioned above. Regularly exercising will strengthen your core, biceps, triceps, upper body, and all other muscles. However, if you are unsure of any of the exercises or have back pains, then consult a pro trainer before trying anything on your own.