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7 Herbs That Are PROVEN To Help Shed Pounds Fast


Did you know that adding certain zero-calorie herbs to your daily diet can actually help you speed up your weight loss goals? Yes, that’s true. Here is a list of 7 herbs which have proven their ability to help burn body fats faster:


#1: Cinnamon

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Cinnamon holds the property of maintaining good blood sugar levels within the body with makes food cravings less frequent and the stomach feels fuller for longer. With the addition of this spice to daily food, it’s easier to restrict the calorie intake and follow a good diet.


#2: Turmeric


Turmeric is known to increase heat in the body thereby boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss goals. Other than this, turmeric can also help prevent Alzheimer’s and in maintaining the hormonal balance during menstrual periods.


#3: Ground Pepper

Ground Pepper

Ground pepper is known to possess fat-burning properties. Scientists also believe that the addition of ground pepper in daily diet can also prevent the formation and deposition of new fat cells within the body thereby contributing to better weight management.


#4: Dandelion


This herb is becoming increasingly popular as more and more chefs are adding it to their recipes now-a-days. It is known to reduce bloating and water retention within the body along with providing multiple other healthy nutrients including vitamin C, E and A and minerals like potassium and zinc.


#5: Cardamom


Again, the thermogenic properties of cardamom cause greater production of heat in the body making way for better metabolism and fat burn.


#6: Cumin


The results related to a study conducted on obese women reveals that the addition of cumin alone to daily food helps in speeding up the fat burning phenomenon by three times.


#7: Cayenne


Just like turmeric, cayenne is also a warming herb, though much stronger than turmeric and this is why, it is quite effective with metabolism and burning down excess body fat.