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8 Reasons Why You Should Feel Good About Your Body


These days everybody likes to spend their free time on social media. But constant use of social media can lead to several issues, including body negativity and insecurity because maximum users on social media show off and fabricate their lives to the maximum extent. Sometimes, these users edit their pictures to show that they have the perfect body and skin, which makes several people prone to negativity regarding their body, eating disorders, etc. 

You must love yourself no matter what because insecurity is sometimes home to mental conditions like depression and anxiety. So, hating your body will only make it worse. There is no perfect body, color, or size, and nobody can determine what the perfect body is. 

The basic answer to why you should love your body is because it deserves all the love. And if you get insecure after looking at the lifestyle of many people, remember that your health is more important than money. So as long as you’re healthy, that’s what matters the most. 

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Let’s read more about why you should feel good about your body:

Perfection Is Myth 

You might have heard, “nobody is perfect” way too many times, well, because it is true. However, you cannot point at a person and tell if that person’s life is perfect because everybody is dealing with their problems. Those problems can be anything, from financial status to their relationship status, or it can be related to their health. This way, comparing your body to someone who is “perfect” according to you is an utter waste because nobody is perfect. 

You must be happy with what you have. And comparing yourself with somebody can be considered an utter waste because there might be things within you which you might be the best and others might not have the talent you possess. So if you feel bad about your “imperfect life,” you must ask yourself, is perfect necessary? 

“Looks” Are Short-Lived

Aging happens to everybody, whether they have the perfect body or not. Someday the person you are comparing yourself with will also age, and there is a possibility that they will change completely. Also, the body changes whenever lifestyle changes, so this can be another reason why you should not compare your physical features because looks are not long-lasting. Instead of focusing on your looks, take care of your health because health is more important than anything.

You Only Have One Life

None of us knows what our future holds for us. So, do you think living in stress in the present is worth it? Of course not. So, make sure that you go out and have fun with the people you are comfortable with. Make sure you do not limit yourself because of your body shape, size, color, stretch marks, or old scars. Make sure that you are confident everywhere. Do not hold yourself back from wearing what you want. If you feel like wearing dresses, shorts, crop tops, or jeans, make sure you wear them rather than thinking about what people will think of you or how they will look at you.  

Whenever you’ll do whatever you desire, you will start loving yourself more than ever.

Have A Perspective Regarding Your Body

People give their unrequired opinions because they can talk. But you also can listen and ignore whatever they say. Always keep one thing in mind, no matter how you look, you are worthy of love and happiness. If anyone tells you otherwise, ensure that you ignore all of that stuff because it is not at all true. Some people love you, and your absence in their lives will affect them the most, believe it or not. If you want to work on your body voluntarily, then you must go for it. But, make sure that someone’s opinion does not influence the change you want in your body, or you shouldn’t force it. Do what you love; always remember that. 

Health Is More Important

Being healthy must be the priority and should be included in everyone’s lifestyle. Eating healthy food in a healthy portion is very important. Eating disorders are genuine, make sure you never get into that trap because it is very harmful; make sure you have everything according to your appetite, neither more than that nor less than that. 

On the other hand, working out is essential as well. Working out is not limited to the gym; you can go on walks or jogging, dance, or play some sport that you like. Staying active is essential does not matter in which form. It would be best if you stay healthy in both physical and mental conditions. 

Your Achievements Define You

You must love your appearance as it never came in between all of your achievements. Imagine if you didn’t get good grades because your looks never matched the basic standard of beauty. If someone is successful in their life, they worked hard, not because of their looks, always remember this. 

Love Your Body Because It Deserves Love 

Your body is worthy of love and happiness no matter what. So if you are around people who make you feel worthless and unlovable, make sure you leave their company right away and be with people who love every inch of you. Sometimes, your company might make you feel insecure about yourself, and it takes a heavy toll on you. But changing your company can help you in changing your perspective. 


The reasons for loving your body are not limited to these eight reasons; there are several reasons why you should love yourself. And other than that, you do not require any reason to love your body because it is yours and deserves to be loved. Always keep in mind that confidence is sexy, and people who think otherwise shouldn’t be in your life.