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Benefits From Working Out With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are excellent for people who want to exercise at home or enjoy working out while traveling. However, the value of incorporating resistance bands in your workout does not end there. There are several benefits to these simple exercise accessories, such as they add versatility to your workout routine at convenience and while ensuring complete safety. These low-priced exercise accessories prove convenient for people of any age group or fitness level. The more you discover about the benefits of resistance band exercises, the more you’ll be prompted to include them in your home gym. In this write-up, we shall talk about the various benefits in detail of adding resistance bands to your workout sessions to develop a clear understanding of it.

Benefits Of Resistance Bands


Adds Versatility

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Indeed, dumbbells equip you with a heavy lifting experience, and weight machines ensure stability and easy-to-use features; neither offers versatility like resistance bands. You can start with performing resistance band squats and instantly add a bicep curl to it. Otherwise, you can quickly carry out resistance band lunges and then add an overhead press. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to working out with resistance bands. 

They Are Affordable

Unlike dumbbells, weight plates, and other weight training appliances, resistance bands would not break your bank. Resistance bands are relatively inexpensive, regardless of their quality. You can buy the highest quality of bands and still have money to spare. Some of them cost less than $20, which is quite a deal for such a useful workout gadget. You can also purchase multiple bands or a full-fledged set with varying resistance levels and still stick to a low budget. 

They Are Easily Portable

Putting a treadmill away when guests come over is almost impossible. Moving dumbbells across is quite a hassle. However, this is not the case with resistance bands. They are petite, lightweight, and super flexible, which is why they can be tucked away anywhere without any inconvenience, including your regular handbag or gym bag. You can easily carry them to the office or while you are traveling. Therefore the excuse of being away from home without any gym equipment will never work in this case.

It Is Easy To Learn

A piece of good news for beginners or those who have never used resistance bands is that you can pick up any of the techniques within a matter of minutes. It usually happens because you can use resistance bands to modify many previously known exercises. Even if you are a complete beginner and have never really tried any activities before, you will still have a vague idea of how they work. For example, resistance bands’ benefits can be observed when they are used with commonly known dynamic exercises such as squats, glute bridges, leg raises, and much more. 

Scope For Progression

Progression is one of the most critical characteristics of exercise, primarily when associated with a definite goal of increasing the fitness level. Since resistance bands come in various resistance levels, you can easily upgrade from one level to another as per your body’s developing strength. To master your exercises and recognize physical results, you need to be continually beating your personal fittest. By regularly pushing yourself to practice a higher level of resistance, you will be acing this aspect. 

Working Of All Major Muscle Groups

The capability to obtain a full-body workout using resistance bands is probably one of the most incredible advantages of using them. With only one small, inexpensive piece of equipment, you can exercise almost all the body’s major muscle groups. Besides, you can always combine different kinds of resistance bands into your workout routines to mix things up and keep the monotony at bay. For example, a lateral resistance band may be beneficial for getting an exceptional well-balanced workout. 

Now that we know of the beneficial aspects of using resistance bands in your workout, let us briefly discuss various resistance bands and their definite functionalities in improving your overall fitness. 

Types Of Resistance Bands

Power Resistance Band

These are also known as loop bands and are essentially used for bodyweight assistance. With these, you can develop in various areas like muscle endurance, fat burning, flexibility, muscle strengthening, balance, etc.

Tube Bands With Handles

These bands have handle grips that attach to both ends, can easily prove to be an alternative for gym machines and other dumbbell exercises. These bands can be used for activities like chest press, shoulder press, and so on. 

Mini Bands

These are quite similar to power resistance loop brands, except that they are shorter and broader. Mini resistance bands are perfect for warm-up sessions, body-toning, maintaining and developing form, stability, activation of glutes and hip, etc.

Light Therapy Bands

Therapy bands are relatively longer and thinner and are usually recommended to people who want to regain from an injury and elders who require low-impact movements. These work like magic for physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

Figure-8 Bands

As the name suggests, these bands are shaped like figure 8, having soft handles at both ends, which prove to be highly beneficial for toning both- lower and upper body. These work exceptionally, promoting weight loss, muscle toning, and strengthening. 


The information mentioned above suggests that specific types of resistance bands can meet any of your fitness needs. You can set precise fitness goals for yourself and systematically achieve them using the dedicated kind of resistance bands. Not only can you target specific body parts, but you can also carry out a full-fledged complete body workout without much hassle. Fitness-wise, resistance bands make up for a piece of perfect equipment to meet your goals. But the convenience, scope for versatility, and inexpensiveness are some bonus points that make it an ideal addition to your fitness world.