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A Guide To Walking The Weight Off


You don’t require a fancy gym to lose weight. One of the most effective ways of losing weight is walking. Additionally, it can be even more effective than running for losing weight. According to research conducted in 2015 by British researchers, it was found that individuals who took brisk walks daily had lesser weight in comparison to those who focused on other kinds of physical activities, such as swimming, cycling, and running. 

Why Is It Important To Walk?

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According to the World Health Organization, around 2 million deaths are attributed to physical inactivity, which can cause countless health issues such as diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, depression, and obesity.

On the other hand, walking 7,500 steps per day is enough to prevent chronic diseases; the first 30-minute walk, which should be around 3000 steps, should be taken at a brisk pace.

In addition, research has shown walking can take almost two years to your life other than helping you shed unwanted weight. Other significant benefits include:

  • Two hours of walking per week can cut the risk of stroke by 30%; it also helps protect the brain regions responsible for memory and planning. Walking for 20 min per day also has been found helpful in reducing symptoms of depression.
  • Research has also found that any physical activity such as cycling or walking every day can help reduce the overall rate of fractures, including hip fractures. This means, the more active you stay now, the more mobility you’ll have in later stages of your life.
  • A study consisting of 89,000 women showed that those who took a brisk walk for 40 minutes 2 to 3 times each week had 38% reduced chances of heart failure after menopause than those who did it more slowly or less often. The research also found that walking for just 20 mins each day reduced the risk of heart diseases by 30% and can cut the risk of obesity, a significant risk factor for heart diseases, by half. 

Why You Should Be Walking To Lose Weight

There is a minimal requirement of equipment for walking, and it can be done pretty much anywhere. It is also less likely to put stress on your joints than running can. 

However, just because it is easy and a natural way for people to spend the energy they gained from their food, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be done better and more effectively. 

Following the below-mentioned tips will allow you to lose weight to reach your body goals.

Tips For Before You Leave The House

The only equipment required for walking is shoes, and that’s it unless you are walking on the beach. Chances are you have a suitable pair of shoes already for the job. Walking shoes have stiff heel counters and flexible soles to prevent side-to-side motion. General flat surfaces only require flat-heeled shoes that are cushioned, lightweight, and comfortable.

Create A Good Playlist For Walking

Before you begin to put on your shoes, think of the songs you’d like to hear while taking strides towards achieving your body goals. Having great sounds in the background can help motivate you as you walk farther. As you enjoy the songs, you won’t even notice the extra effort or distance you covered. Look for songs that are between the BPM of 170 to 190. Such high-tempo songs have been proven effective in improving workout performance, even for walking, as stated by a 2020 study by Frontiers in Psychology.

Look For An Audiobook That You’d Like

Listening to an audiobook while you walk can make the entire process more enjoyable. Listen to one that you enjoy or maybe even join The Walking Book Club, a global community designed to make activities and exercises more enjoyable, fun, and productive.

Listen To Podcasts That You Enjoy

Listening to podcasts that you genuinely enjoy can help in walking for long-distance and time as you are engrossed in an exciting topic. 

Follow Routes That Are Familiar To You

It is a good idea to be familiar with the route you’ll be taking whenever you get a desire to take a walk.  You’ll feel more confident as well as comfortable knowing what to expect and not waste any time figuring out the route back to your home. Try and define various routes that vary in grade, terrain, and length. A couple of routes can help prevent your weight losing habit from getting repetitive.

Grab Some Snacks

Before beginning any exercise for losing weight, it is recommended that you take a pre-workout meal for weight loss. It is ideal for eating at least an hour before beginning with any exercise or walking that will last for more than an hour. Skipping on pre-workout meals can put you at risk of muscle breakdown and low blood sugar.

Find A Walking Buddy

Several studies have confirmed that having a solid support group is vital to maintaining and achieving weight loss success. Those who are a part of a social support group have a higher chance of losing weight in contrast to those who walk solo. 

Joining a walking group can help stay active as well socially connected. You can utilize the site to find a walking group in your area, which is an exciting way to start with a new routine and get nutrition tips. Events such as these are great at fostering teamwork and can be a friendly competition for all those involved in staying motivated.

Get Yourself A Fitness Tracker

Investing in a fitness tracker can bring comprehensive benefits to tracking your overall fitness and health while maintaining accountability. Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker as it is widely available, comes in multiple pricing tiers, and can sync across your Apple devices.


Walking is an excellent exercise as not only does it help in losing weight, but it also provides other significant benefits to health. It is effective as it helps in increasing the number of burnt calories. This is also why you must pay attention to the number of your calorie intake. It is also helpful to raise the intensity as you gain progress.