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Best Affordable Treadmills for Your Home


Nowadays, many people have become health conscious, which is a good thing as we all need to stay healthy in this coronavirus outbreak. The best equipment which is also safe and affordable is the treadmill. Yes, there might be the best machines in the market, but a treadmill is way cheaper and suits your needs and budget. We have done our part by researching varieties of treadmills and have rounded up the best treadmills of the year. We have considered many critical factors like durability, performance, and many other unique characteristics of the machine. 

It is challenging to find all these features in one treadmill, but you don’t have to worry about researching and wasting time. These machines are five stars and are tech-savvy. They are easy to handle and assemble at home and are also budget-friendly. Here are some of the top treadmills for you to categorize your research on the market. Gyms at home are the best way to take care of your body.


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Treadmill Horizon T101

It is durable and a versatile treadmill, which is budget-friendly. You will get this treadmill for just $599. This is ranked as number 1 because it is a budget-friendly machine and has a good warranty. It offers a good timeline coverage, and its motor has a year on parts and labor. This brand is confident enough because of its durability and its quality. This machine will suit your home and also gym spaces. Its design is compact, easily foldable, and it also has transport wheels, which means you can easily pack the machine once you’re done working out. The horizon T101 motor is a good match for walkers and for those who like gentle jogging. Its key features include a 9% on board program workout. It has a 3 zone variable cushion that will reduce the impact of your daily routine. It has additional features, like Bluetooth mode, a tablet holder, and a USB charger port. 



  • It is easy to fold and also movable because of its wheels.
  • It has an impressive warranty.
  • It is available at a very reasonable price.


  • It has a weak motor.
  • It has cushions, which are pretty much average.

Treadmill with iFit Nordictrack T6.5 S

If you love interaction while working out, then you must have probably come across the Nordictrack treadmills. This treadmill features iFit, an interactive training platform that you can use with your iFit treadmill to experience an immersive experience. You will feel like you have a personal trainer in your living space. This type of treadmill is cheap and also supports such pieces of training. This model delivers live stream training workout sessions via a 10 inch HD screen. The machine’s price is very affordable, and it includes a one-year family subscription to the service. Also, you can map out your google maps running trail. The device’s speed will automatically change with the trainer and the landscape that you will be exploring, and you will genuinely experience an immersive workout. It has a motor of 2.6 CHP, so it means it will better suit walkers than runners. iFit connects you with varieties of movement, and the other features are that it is easy to store, and you can listen to your favorite music as it comes with inbuilt speakers. It is the top treadmill seeing its price bracket for interactive training sessions.


Pros and cons-



  • You can easily fold and store it.
  • It has a variety of workouts.


  • The running track is short.

Compact treadmill proform 505 CST

Nowadays, high-quality treadmills are available at affordable prices that can compete in their designs with more massive counterparts. You can get this machine just for $999. The proform is a reasonable 505 CST treadmill at an entry-level, and it is very durable and convenient. You can also easily fold it and store it after workouts. It is packed with a range of features, including a pro shop cushion to reduce the exercises’ impact. It also comes with inbuilt programs and iFit readiness. It does not feature a flashy touchscreen, but you can connect it with your mobile phone or tablet. The iFit automatically adjusts the incline to your treadmill when your device is connected. 


It is better suited for walkers than runners or any marathon runners. This machine is affordable, and it is space-saving. There are some features to be paid attention to before buying. The track of the proform 505 CST is 20″ by 55,” and it has small balanced non-flex rollers of 1.9″. These are some of the features that may affect the machine quality overall. Again, not to forget that it is easily foldable and movable, and 505 CST is a great option.


pros and cons-


  • It is at a reasonable price.
  • It comes with an iFit ready kit.
  • It is movable and easily foldable.


  • Its motor is weak.
  • It has small rollers.
  • The running track is also short.


Best more prolonged track horizon T202 treadmill

The long track horizon is also a model of the horizon. It is available at a reasonable price. This treadmill has a long track of 20″ by 60,” so if your height is tall and you are looking for an affordable treadmill, you should check the horizon T202. 

It is available for less than $1000, and you’ll get a 2.75 CHP motor, which is an automated 12% incline. It comes with nine inbuilt programs and an incredible warranty. It is so affordable and covers lifetime frames and motors, and covers the year of coverage on parts and labor. It has an audio jack and features Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while working out. While running, you can watch TV shows because it features a tablet holder. This T202 is a useful pocket-friendly treadmill suitable for tall runners as it has 60″ long belts. It has a range of presentable programs and features such as cushioning and incline if considering the price and a stellar warranty.


This T202 has pros and cons. Let us have a look-



  • The main feature is its long track (20″ by 60″)
  • It has a good warranty.
  • It is easy to fold and can be easily stored.


  • The budget belt is the main drawback.


Treadmill for onboard programming lifespan 12001

It is a budget-friendly treadmill and well built, it is loaded with workout options to keep your workout routines fresh, and you won’t get bored doing the same workouts. It has seven sports training programs, five healthy living, five weight loss programs, and two user-customizable programs. It is easy to fold and comes with a compact design so you can store it after your workouts. It is available at $1000 and has a solid warranty. Its warranty offers lifetime coverage of 5 years on motor, two years on parts, and one year on labor. It has a 2.5 CHP motor, and it is best suited for walking and jogging. Some of its additional features include 1.5 incline level and shock absorbers and cushioning, which moves along wide rollers. It has built-in Bluetooth mode and a lifespan app that syncs your workout statistics. It is considered one of the best treadmills and is suited for light and moderate workouts for pricing. It is suitable for such purposes as if you think of a variety of onboard programs.


pros and cons-


  • It has inbuilt programming.
  • It has the best belt and cushioning quality.


  • The inbuilt apps have terrible reviews.


What are all things you should consider when buying a treadmill?

There is the best cheap treadmill available for $500, and the deal goes over pretty soon. The one main advantage of the cheap treadmill is that they are sturdy, and they are at reasonable prices, at least 2.5 CHP horsepower, and have one year of warranty for parts and labor. The shops available in the local market may not give you such offers, but you can get the right balance of portability, unique features, and performance. You can easily compare them with the top models and select the best one that suits your height and pocket.

It would be best if you start by considering the budget like, the more money you invest, the more durable and rugged the treadmill will be. 

For instance, the treadmill that cost less than $1000 may not last long for more than a couple of years. However, considering a treadmill of about $1500 and above will offer durability, reliability, and unique features. So it depends on your choice.

It would be best if you also considered cushioning and shock absorption, how fast your treadmill can work, its maximum weight rating, its incline, and last but not least, is it suitable for all the members of your house who might want to use it?

There is a trend going on of subscription-based home workouts when looking into buying a treadmill. There is a treadmill that comes with a large monitor that lets you immerse yourself into the online training sessions and workout, but at the same time, it requires you to pay an online subscription fee every month. Some treadmills offer pre-recorded online sessions, and most of the treadmills can be controlled remotely in real-time by the trainer. If not, you would have to adjust the treadmill’s speed and incline it manually throughout the workout session.


Considering getting a treadmill Is a great option. 

You would be fortunate enough to save space, and a home gym is an excellent way to stay fit and safe. Investing in a quality treadmill will ensure that you get your cardio in. These treadmill models are so affordable when it comes to their costs compared to the expenses of an annual gym membership. You can find the best treadmill suited to you that is more cost-effective over time.