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Top Tips for Holiday Weight Loss


Everyone needs a holiday, and when everyone has faced the soul-crushing pressure of a year like 2020, a whole season of holidays is an irresistible idea. It’s finally the time to take a break, breathe calmly, be grateful for surviving such a time, and enjoy. The holiday season and enjoyment are synonymous for so many of us. Whether it’s spending time with family on Thanksgiving or letting the wholesomeness of Christmas settle in your heart, the end of the year offers many opportunities to lift up our spirits. Another common theme to every holiday season is the huge range of delicious recipes you can’t wait to indulge in.

Green Tea

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‘Losing weight’ and ‘drink green tea’ are so deeply connected you’d be amazed. One of the first steps towards taking care of holiday weight is to take a look at what you’re drinking and eating. Yes, tradition would demand you to enjoy your eggnog, hot chocolate, and maybe other variations of sweet drinks that will not help you stay in shape. Instead of that momentary sugar rush, choose green tea. This antioxidant tea has helped many people convert that excess fat into energy over holidays. It contains catechins, which help in speeding the metabolism. While the idea of curling up with a warm, fragrant cup of holiday drinks are tempting, swapping it with this brew can actually help you long-term, especially if you’re looking for burning belly fat. 

No Eating After Sunset

It sounds unfair, but you –a person who eats throughout the day –and another person, who eats only during the day and fasts for the darker hours, are both consuming the same number of calories, but it’s you who will gain weight. Indeed, if you want to stay or get lean over the holiday season, learn to understand the sunset as a signal to stop eating. You can eat whatever you want in your eight-hour window, but try to keep it healthy. When the sunlight fades away, use it to keep your calorie consumption in check and start fasting. 

Hot Showers 

It’s comforting, warm, and it helps you sleep faster, but taking hot showers before going to sleep can help you stay in shape. The strategy is linked to our brain’s ancestral corner, and evolution has left some gifts with us after all. When you take a bath before bed, you’re preparing your mind for a quicker and deeper sleep. Not only will you fall asleep faster, but you’ll also have a relaxing sleep, which will aid you in quickening your pound-shedding system. Good sleep hygiene and the right sleeping positions can relieve you from the exhaustion of holiday cheer and activity.  

An Apple a Day

Apples are exceptionally great for you. They contain powerful antioxidant properties and an abundance of vitamins C and B-6. These crisp fruits will refresh you and prevent you from eating unhealthy holiday food. Apples also boast a high fiber count and keep cholesterol levels low, which further aids your health during the holidays. 

Accept Legumes

Traditions are beautiful and are meant to be cherished, but how many traditions are actually traditions? While the festive season is about celebrating the joy and sharing good food, we’re not obliged to munch only on unhealthy, calorie-loaded recipes. Replacing your regular cheese dip with homemade dishes with lentils and chickpeas in them will benefit you greatly. Legumes promote fast metabolism, and their content of resistant starch prevents you from overeating. They also provide protein and lower cholesterol while reducing inflammation. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, including legumes in your diet is very important, and you should stay away from the excess of packaged foods. 

Winter Naps

With the chill in the air, your body will ask you for warmth and rest. Do not deny it this period of relaxation. Getting your seven hours of night-sleep is an essential step to a healthy life. If you’re not convinced, try checking the data about the effect of a lack of sleep on weight gain. Your hormones will go haywire, and you’ll be eating more than you usually do, which is a no-no for your waistline. Studies link a higher risk of obesity with not sleeping enough. Eating more of that calorie-loaded holiday meal is not what you want this holiday season when going out is already a bad idea. 

Drink Whole Milk

Whole milk will provide your body enough calcium to effectively metabolize the fat you get after those heavy festive meals. The calcium carbonate we get from dairy products assists the body in excreting more fat, preventing it from sticking to your body. Use the holiday season as an excuse to discover a new love for whole milk. It will give your body the required nourishment, strengthen your bones, and will help you lose the excess fat you’re bound to collect on Thanksgiving Day. It will also help you in staying full and preventing you from mindless munching of treats. 

Get Used to Peppers

Peppers are adored in certain cultures, and it’s not surprising. Pepper contains capsaicin, the fiery compound that makes peppers so hot, which is good for your health. Even when you consume non-spicy peppers, you’re helping your metabolism get the required kick. The spice has elements that promote fat-burning, and stocking up on them to enjoy a spicy holiday season is a fun idea. Not only will your metabolism pull up its stock, but you can also try various recipes to enjoy something new this winter. After all, no other part of the year will give you such an extensive opportunity to try your hand at new things. 


Seriously, laugh your heart out. It’s useful for maintaining weight, but you deserve to laugh anyway. Holidays are meant for having fun with friends, family, potential significant others, but also, they’re about reminding yourself that life is not so bad. When you genuinely laugh, whether it’s with others or yourself, your basal energy expenditure increases, and it is also good for your heart. Not only will some minutes of giggling burn your calories, but it will also help you shed the excess fat accumulation on your body, helping you stay away from the risk of obesity. Plus, holiday cheer should not be forced to begin with. Find what makes you happy, and let yourself enjoy it. 

Indulge in Chia Pudding 

You don’t need to cut out everything sweet from your holidays to keep in shape. Some delightful puddings are waiting for you to notice them and their effects on your weight loss plan. Chia seeds, for example, can be exceptional helpers in your journey to fitness if you allow them to sneak into your diet. Treating yourself to chia pudding is an easy and creative way to control overeating and burn those holiday calories. It’s called a super-food for good reasons, and you should latch onto the benefits a delicious chia pudding can give you. 


Your weight does not define you, and neither should it be the only thing you care about. Being skinny is not the same as being healthy, and staying fit should be about your health and happiness, not about making impressions. However, a little carefulness during the holidays for your health can help you remain confident and relaxed. Simple and small habits like these will add up over time and significantly affect your life, making it better and fulfilling.