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Best Bulking Foods to Gain Weight Fast


Strength training and building muscle weight are widespread in the United States. But, for that, you need to change your meal plans and calorie intake. It would help if you ate extra calories for developing your muscles, which includes healthy fats like nut butter and peanut butter. This article guides you on how to gain weight and muscle mass. 

Regular consumption of milk

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Milk is useful in gaining weight because it contains carbs, proteins, and fats. If you want to have more muscle, a fantastic protein source is milk that provides your body with whey protein and casein. If you also start lifting weights with milk consumption, it will add to your muscles. Milk can be taken after and before the regular exercise or workout. You can also drink a glass or two of milk with meals. 

Have rice daily 

It is a low-cost and extremely convenient carb that helps enhance your weight and bring strength to the muscles. If you have one cup of rice by cooking it daily, your body will get 43 g of carbs, 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and negligible fat content. Rice is full of calories, which means the number of carbs and calories in your body can increase in a single meal. You can eat more rice if your appetite is low, and your stomach satiates quickly. It is also very quick to make rice as you require only two minutes to cook it in a microwave. Rice can be added to other sources of protein and many meals that are already cooked. 

Consumption of Nut butter and Nuts 

If you eat nut butter and nuts, you can quickly gain weight. You will find around eighteen grams of fats (healthy fats) and seven grams of protein in a handful of almonds. Nuts and nut butter are rich in calories. So, even if you eat one handful twice a day and the meals, you will get many calories, increasing weight. One can also add Nut butter to many dishes and snacks, like yogurts, smoothies, etc. But, be sure that the nut butter you are consuming has no added oils or extra sugars 

Have red meat regularly

 Red meat is fantastic to increase weight. You will find three grams of leucine in steak. Leucine is a vital amino acid that aids by adding new muscle tissues and stimulating muscle protein synthesis. It is one of the best supplements in the world for people who want to build muscles. To increase weight, you can have both fatty and lean because they are excellent protein sources.

Include Starch and Potato in your diet 

Starchy foods cost less and help in adding weight and muscles to your body. Some examples of foods you can have in your meal are oats,  Quino, potatoes and sweet potatoes, corn, squash, buckwheat, legumes, beans, and winter root vegetables. These contain carbs that help enhance your weight. You also get fiber and nutrients from these foods. 

Oily Fish and Salmon 

Oily fish and salmon are equally healthy as red meat. They have a large number of healthy fats and protein content. Four grams of fatty acids and three hundred and fifty calories are present in salmon. You will find many nutritional values in these foods. Oily fish and salmon provide you with many nutrients. But the most significant of all is omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon gives you several other health benefits. Most of all, they have high protein in them that helps build our muscles. 

Take protein supplements

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, protein supplements are made for you. They are cost-effective and help you gain weight. People believe that whey protein may not be natural and harms health. But it is not valid. Whey protein is a 100 percent dairy-product and reduces the risk of several diseases, thereby adding to our health rather than harming us. You will find all the vital amino acids required by our body in protein supplements like whey protein. These are additives to your regular meals and can also be taken individually. 

Consume more dried fruits 

If you eat dried fruits regularly, the calories in your body will always be sufficient. These fruits also have micronutrients and antioxidants vital for the body. Several kinds of dried fruits are available, but note that they have high sugar values and cannot be consumed to reduce weight. Dried fruits have fantastic taste and are useful in gaining weight. They are also very convenient to consume whenever you want. The minerals and vitamins of these foods remain and are full of healthy fibers. You can add dried fruits to a whey protein shake or meat slices and savor them. You can also mix them with natural yogurt and nuts. You also get healthy proteins and fats. 

East whole grain bread 

If you eat whole-grain bread, it will also aid in enhancing your weight. It is a source of fantastic carbs. Whole grain bread can be used to make well-balanced and high-calorie meals by adding cheese, meat, and eggs to them, thereby enhancing their protein content. Seeded and natural whole grain bread should be consumed because they are healthier and readily available in many grocery stores. 

Eat avocados 

For those who want to have healthy fats in their meals, avocados are the best. They are full of calories, unlike many other whole fruits. So, avocados help you increase weight. You will get twenty-nine grams of fat, 322 calories, and 17 g of fiber. Avocados are also full of minerals, vitamins, and many other useful plant compounds. Adding them to your sandwiches and omelets improves the taste and makes the breakfast healthier. 

Consume cereals 

If you want nutrients, calories, and carbs, healthy cereals are a  fantastic choice for you. High-sugar and processed cereals are not suitable for health, but oatmeal is a healthy source of carb. Oats and Grain-based have beneficial nutrients like healthy antioxidants and fiber. Granola, bran, multi-grains, Ezekiel are some other excellent sources of carbs that help in weight gain.  You also get a fantastic amount of fiber, healthy for the body. 

Cereal Bars 

When you are on your way to college or the office, cereal bars are excellent for health and easy to eat. They are also a good post-workout and before the strength training session because they have fast and slow-digesting carbs. It would be best to eat cereal bars with healthy grains (whole grains), especially if you find cereal bars with seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. They add boiled eggs, protein shake or cold cuts of meat, and natural yogurt (other excellent protein sources). 

Dark Chocolate 

One should consume dark chocolate as it is one of the best foods for weight gain. Please take good quality chocolate because it has many health benefits and several antioxidants. You can also take seventy percent cocoa content with the dark chocolate for better results. The calorie density of dark chocolate is high, like many other high-fat foods.

In every hundred gram bar, you get six hundred calories, along with health-promoting compounds and micronutrients, magnesium, antioxidants, and fiber.

Cheese and its products 

People have been consuming cheese for many years as a staple part of their meal. It is also high in fats, calories, like dark chocolate. Consuming cheese in large quantities is an intake of a high amount of protein. You can add cheese to many dishes because it is very delicious. Cheese has healthy fats and a fantastic protein source. It can be consumed for muscle growth, owing to its more massive grams of proteins. Cheese boosts the calories and flavors of your meal plans. 

Whole Eggs 

If you want to build muscles and go for strength training, eggs are best with peanut butter. They have healthy fats and high proteins. It would help if you ate the whole egg because it contains the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients for resistance training to gain weight.

The highest nutrition of an egg is in its yolk. If you have an allergy to eggs, you may not eat them. Otherwise, with calorie intake, three eggs are the best for protein. If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, you can eat six or even more eggs in a day.

Full-fat yogurt 

Full-fat yogurt is a healthy snack. It has multiple nutritions with fats, carbs, proteins, with them mixed well. Many recipes that help you gain weight and snacks have yogurt. Combine yogurt and fruits with dried fruits. You can also add honey, nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, and granola. Prepare a pudding using chocolate peanut butter. Add yogurt in it with nut butter, cocoa powder, stevia, and whey protein. With yogurt, berries, and granola, make yogurt parfait as a healthy snack for breakfast.

The protein content in a smoothie can be increased by adding yogurt. It will also give your smoothie a milkshake-like thickness and creamy flavor. 

Homemade protein smoothies

 If you want to gain weight, homemade protein smoothies are excellent for building muscles. It is very nutritious. Make them at home because market-made smoothies have added sugars and lesser nutrients. You can change the nutrient content and flavors as you want. There are several delicious variations of smoothies, and one can use almond milk or two cups of animal milk in it.

Vegetables and fruits in your meal 

Fruits and vegetables are low in their calorie content. They do not increase your weight but help you gain muscle weight. Vegetables and fruits are also full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which aid digestion and be careful to check some fruits’ sugar content.