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Best Workouts For Stronger Legs


Exercising is only complete when you do not skip leg day. In general, exercise is hugely beneficial as it reduces stress and negativity and keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. It is essential to exercise your legs along with your upper body. Not only will you get an overall toned body, but it will also make you stronger. Whether it will be useful for running or dancing, good leg exercises will only enhance your body and mind. Now let’s take a peek at different kinds of exercises, and we shall also learn about their advantages.

Bodyweight And Weighted Exercises 

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You need to know about these two types of exercises because they are equally crucial for a healthy and strong body. Bodyweight exercises emphasize that by just using your body for workouts, you can experience the same physique as a seasonal athlete or a sportsperson. They are highly accessible and economical as you can perform them in your home and without using any gym-based equipment. These exercises are proven to build your strength as they require you to challenge yourself daily. 

The more you progress with these exercises, the more you can see your body transforming. Bodyweight workouts are also an active source to help your body be more stable and mobile. These exercises also prevent you from any injuries that can be caused by weights, and they also help develop and improve your techniques.

On the other hand, weighted exercises are a significant strength training source as it requires machines and equipment. These exercises include weights of different measures to help you get a sculpted body. Weighted exercises can be more effective when combined with various compound exercises. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells are some equipment to help you with your weighted workout routine.

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises play a huge role in strengthening and improving your overall body structure. These exercises target many muscle groups simultaneously. Compound exercises also comprise two different activities, focusing on multiple muscles—for example, a bicep curl combined with a lunge. For noticeable muscle growth, a rep range of 6 to 12 is advisable. 

Split Squats 

These squats are somewhat similar to lunges. You need to place your front foot on the ground for doing a split squat, and your back foot has to be on its toes. Ensure that your front shin remains vertical in respect to the ground, and your back knee should also touch the ground. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to complete all reps on a single-leg before changing to the other leg.

Barbell Squat

Barbell squats emphasize squat variation and leg stance. To start with this squat, go with the back squats and follow up with the classic squat exercise. This will help open up your muscles and strengthen them further as these squats focus on the entire chain of leg muscles. They will also improve your butt, quads, calves, and hamstrings.

Bulgarian Split Squat

For a Bulgarian split squat, a setup is essential, including an excellent elevation object like a bench. This squat is also known as rear- foot elevated split squat. To perform a Bulgarian split squat, you first have to adjust the distance between the bench and the person doing it, keeping in mind that space is not too much, and don’t forget to test out some reps with three steps out and your back foot should stay on the bench. Just ensure that your front shin stays vertical to the ground and the back of your knee is touching the ground. Once you’ve found the proper distance and tried out some reps, you can add weights like dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells.

Leg Curl

A leg curl is a type of weight exercise done with the help of a bench machine. Leg curl improves the hamstrings as the machine focuses on curling both the legs together at the same time. It can also be performed with a standing device, which allows one leg at a time.


By looking at the exercises mentioned above, you must now know that our legs play a significant role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Adding these few workouts to your daily routine can help you go a long way toward a healthy body. You can do these exercises at home, or you can hire a personal trainer to assist and guide you through your leg transformation journey.