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Must Have Home Work Out Equipment


Best Home Fitness Equipment

The pandemic had everyone cooped up in their houses, with not much to do around the clock. Even people who had scheduled lifestyle with fitness classes to maintain a perfect body and health found themselves inactive, seemingly with a bag of chips in front of the TV. 

Getting back in shape after this long, however important, is not an easy milestone to achieve. While some have access to outdoor workout in parks and gyms, paying for pricey classes and sessions while maintaining social distance and safety measures is a stumbling block for many others.

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A home gym is a perfect fit for all these excuses and more, like ‘I don’t feel like going out today, let’s skip.’ But the price and efforts to set a full-fledged home gym can make decisions daunting. Below are some of the best professional suggested pieces of equipment that do not need you to set separate spaces for them and are budget-friendly, ensuring good health for both you and your family.

TRX Suspension Trainer System

TRX bands are the perfect choice for bodyweight training and can quickly become the only thing you need for your entire body workout when used correctly. They are great for strength training for both your upper and lower body while building up core stability. 

They are ideal for indoor and outdoor workout sessions as they can be hooked anywhere from door to tree trucks and poles and are extremely easy to carry around, unlike bulky gym machines. They help burn fat, build muscle, improve flexibility, increase endurance and build core strength with their multi-purpose movement training.

Though easy to use, there are multiple videos online showing the right way to fasten and use the TRX bands for beginners.

Doorway Pull Up Bar

Pull-up bars are the best choice for someone looking to strengthen their upper body and muscles.  There are various dumbbells available in the market that do not need you to drill holes in your door frames; rotate them to press against a firm door frame, and you’re good to go. 

These bars do not rotate or shift position, ensuring a safe workout without the slightest damage to your door frames. By redirecting your hands’ position on the bar, you can easily target different sets of the upper body muscles and parts like shoulders, chest, arms, and back. 

Medicine Ball 

It is among the most efficient and long-wearing pieces of equipment everyone must include in their home gym. A soft medicine ball can be easily fitted with a number of your daily workout exercises like squats, lunges, and more. 

They help you perfect body coordination, burn calories, and strengthen your legs, arms, and core. They are a great tool to assist physical therapy in case of injuries as well. A decent medicine ball can withstand intense workouts with consistent size and comfort usage.

Exercise Cords With Attached Handles

These types of bands are an ideal piece for a full-body workout. There is no setup whatsoever. One can quickly hook it to a pole or use their body weight to hold it down and stretch; their light and speedy mobility furthermore make it easy to carry them for outdoor sessions as well. These resistance bands are to assist safety and target muscles more efficiently.

There are various brands available in the market with varying resistance to fit you and your needs. 

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Unlike the one mentioned above, these bands are to assist regular workout exercises and other activities. Though exceptionally good for hips and glutes, they also find wide application in physical therapies. They work well for people suffering from knee, leg, and back injuries.

One can integrate them with several workout programs with prevention from injuries. They are super easy on the skin and are available in the various resistance figures to match the session.

Yoga Mats

There is more than one application to yoga mats. They work efficiently in providing comfort and grip to each of your bodyweight exercises, stretching, and core workouts.

Although regular yoga mats work just fine, there are various specialized and more extended, thicker, and durable mats available in the market if you wish to spend a little more.

Set Of Dumbbells

For someone looking to build some muscles, having dumbbells or free weight as a part of their home gym is necessary. There are various ways to use a pair of dumbells with benefits, including – good health, body balance, weight management by calorie burn, strength building, yoga, aerobics, cardio, and improved stamina.

Many designs are available in the market for dumbbells that make handling and stacking dumbbells much more comfortable, unlike the ones that roll away. Choose a dumbbell weight to fit your needs and begin your fitness journey.

Jumping Rope

You can’t plan a home gym and miss out on jumping ropes. These ropes are enough to leave you in sweats with an easy yet challenging workout. 

There are many customizable rope swings available to fit an individual’s height. Moreover, everyone in your family can use these, even children, as these are easy to manage, safe, and versatile.

They take up no space, are easy on the wallet, and can be used anywhere with little to no packing space required.

Exercise Core Sliders

Core slider or gliding disks can help intensify your core exercise routine and plank sessions. 

They are readily available in a dual-side design to integrate with the floor type from hardwood to carpets and more. They are a durable and lightweight alternative that makes perfect low impact movements even during the most intense workouts. 

They are great for building core strength, motion, stability, and tone of the body, including inner thighs, hips, and legs. Mountain climbers, plank jacks, speed skaters are a few moves you can integrate with a sliding disk for better results.

Elliptical Trainers Or Treadmills

The virus made going out of the house a task, forget running without a mask around the park. And since it is impossible to run around the house in the name of exercise without getting scolded, a treadmill or elliptical trainers are your best shot.

Do not mistake a treadmill for an elliptical trainer. They have significant differences, except they both offer aerobic exercise focusing on a walking motion to maintain cardio fitness. A treadmill provides you with a moving belt to control your movement and speed while also building leg strength. An elliptical trainer is to prevent impact and injuries, as its feature to move in elongated circles makes it easy on the joints.

Stability Ball

These are among the most versatile equipment on the list. These stability balls are perfect for exercises like pilates, weight training, and other floor conditioned exercises. They are perfect for targeting core stability, toning of the body, lower and upper body balance and strength, and cardio.

Many physical therapies also include stability balls to relieve pain and relieve body stress. Various kinds of stability balls are available to match the needs and workout routines made from durable, stretchy, and anti-burst material.

Extra Weights 

If you’re someone who likes challenges and wants to make out the most of your time, adding extra weight to the ankle, wrists, etc., is the way to go.

You can quickly wear them around and continue your regular exercise routines. They increase the resistance and bundle up like extra body weight moving harder. They restrict the body muscles and need you to put in additional efforts to move them, toning the muscles and burning fat much quicker.

You can also wear them in the house as you continue with your household chores without having to disrupt your working schedule.

Foam Rollers

All you need after an intense workout session is energizing green juice and a foam roller session. Foam rollers are a great massaging tool for knots and kinks and tight muscles to relieve soreness and increase flexibility, balance, and mobility after a workout. 

Foam rollers are widely used in physical therapy by massage therapists, physical trainers, athletes, and professionals. They help in blood circulation and facilitate oxygen flow in tensed muscles, boosting the healing process without being tough on the body or skin.


Paying certified fitness trainers and professionals a hefty sum each month for a regular and straightforward workout is not a wise choice, especially when you can do so at home with just a little investment. Seeking help from online videos and tutorials before diving into something you have no clue over is a must. 

Regular exercise not only profits physical health but also keeps your mental health in check. So plan a family workout session in the comfort of your home and get back in better shape. Happy Exercising!