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Body Fat Burning Exercises For Abs


Belly fat is easy to gain, and a bit tough to lose, and the belly region is one of the common concerns of almost everyone. Leading a fit and healthy life is a goal many want to pursue, and for that, losing extra fat and leading a healthy lifestyle is essential. Learn more about the best exercises to burn excess body fat below.

Exercises To Burn Body Fat


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As mentioned above, no exercise can simply remove fat from a specific area. If you wish to reduce your overall fat, you need to target as many muscles and regions as possible. Burpee is an explosive exercise that works multiple muscles of the body simultaneously. To do a successful burpee, first, drop into a push-up position, rise from the push-up position, fall into a jump, and then drop back again into a push-up position. 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is essentially like a moving plank. Instead of keeping your feet stationary as in a plank, you explosively bring each knee to your chest, similar to what you would do while climbing a steep mountain. This exercise works up your leg muscles and engages your core in overtime as your core muscles keep your body stable while you bring your knee towards your chest. 

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell can be considered one of the most calorie-torching workouts. Perform the exercise by propelling a heavy ball of iron. The weight of the iron requires the lifter to engage significant body muscles such as glutes, quads, and hips to propel the ball successfully. These muscles are also some of the significant fat-burning muscles. The explosive nature of this exercise not only works your fat-burning muscles but also engages your core muscles. 

Treadmill Sprints

Research shows that sharp, short bursts of cardio might just be the better option than long, low-intensity sessions. One study shows that participants who engaged in fast-paced HIIT workouts lost up to 30% more calories than those who engaged in more prolonged and slow-intensity sessions for the same amount of time. Treadmill sprints are one of the best cardio exercises. Start with 15 sets of 20 seconds sprinting paired with a 40-second rest after each group. Gradually increase the work: rest ratio over time. 

Jump Roping

Did you know that jumping rope for an hour can help burn up to 1000 calories? Well, while no one expects you to jump rope for an hour, you can start with a 15-minute session and gradually add on to the minutes. 


This last exercise might just be the best exercise of all, walking. Walks are a great way to lose the extra fat, burn calories, and be a way to destress and relax. A simple 45-60 minutes of brisk walking might just be the solution to several problems emotionally and physically. An hour of brisk walking a day for a week can cut your weight back by a pound. 


Yoga is not a fast process and will not burn as many calories as your weight lifts and mountain climbing, but it can help build metabolism and improve endurance. 


There you have the top exercises that can aid in burning body fat while making your muscles toned and defined. Activities require consistency to show effect and results, which is why regularity is vital. Make sure to add these exercises to your workout routine to burn off all that extra fat.