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How To Burn That Extra Belly Fat This Holiday Season


After almost two years of staying indoors, this year’s Halloween was celebrated with great joy and excitement. Once again, people dressed up to become their favorite superheroes, and once again, people partied all night, just like the earlier times. And when the air is so celebratory, we all know how our lifestyle gets affected. Right from all the sweet treats to alcohol and other not-so-healthy things, everything is consumed in more quantity than needed. Ultimately, the human body responds to it in the form of unhealthy fat gain and a bulge in the belly region because that’s where fat gets stored most quickly. 

With that happening, most people end up with the same old, classic question- how to get rid of belly fat? And here we are, yet again, ready with all the practical solutions that can potentially help you lose those extra inches you gained over Halloween. Let’s get started! 


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Why Is This Important?

Occasional fat gain is quite natural and, in most cases, not avoidable. But, to bring your body back to the shape and composition it was earlier is something that’s in our control and should be prioritized as much as possible. This doesn’t just concern the way you look; not at all! The reason it’s important is to bring that level of fitness and health back to your body. Cutting that extra belly fat is nothing but a way to treat your body with the respect it deserves and actively take time out to become the fittest version of you. 

Let’s look at how you can lose belly fat post all the sweet indulges from Halloween. 

Every time people ask “how to lose belly fat fast,” they are often guided with the same pieces of advice. Do 100 crunches, eat salads, and perform heavy cardio exercises. But that’s not all. It’s important to take a holistic approach when it comes to becoming fit or even belly fat burning, for that matter. Focus on these primary four pillars and see how things change both- physically and mentally.


Cutting fat doesn’t mean you have to start eating less or adopt a serious diet. Instead, what you should do is the polar opposite. You should focus on eating good food in adequate quantities to fuel your body with enough energy to exercise heavily. Besides that, eating nutritionally sound meals will help you stay full for a long time, encouraging you to avoid snacking on other junk food. Here are some times to eat healthily. 

  • Load your body with protein: Cutting belly fat is not the only concern; building muscle is. To replace fat with muscle in your body, you need to be in a calorie deficit while ensuring a high-protein diet. Make sure you consume at least 1-1.5g protein for every 1 kg of your body. Some of the best protein sources include eggs, chicken, lentils, oats, cottage cheese, etc.
  • More whole food, less processed food: Try to meet your calorie intake through whole foods as much as possible. Processed food like cereals, chips, canned meat, candies, cold drinks, etc., may seem convenient and quick to eat, but they are internally destroying your food consumption pattern. They are heavily processed with sugar, sodium, oils, and other additives, making them calorie-dense. Substitute these foods with whole foods like grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, yogurt, etc. 


Sleep is probably the most underrated part of any fat-loss routine, and that’s very unfortunate. Sleep is the primary factor responsible for recovery. After all the exercising and activity, your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to recover for the next day and the next workout. Here are some quick points to keep in mind:

  • You should sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night.
  • Avoid sleeping in the daytime. Otherwise, you may feel drowsy during the day and may not be able to sleep at night.
  • Along with the duration of sleep, its quality also matters. Monitor your sleep patterns and try to achieve sound and peaceful sleep. 


Exercise is a non-negotiable part to cut belly fat or to become fit in general. It’s something you cannot and shouldn’t compromise at all. But again, how much you exercise doesn’t matter. Similarly, how long your workout is doesn’t matter either. So, what does? Consistency and accuracy. These two elements are the most important, yet somehow, the least considered parts of any fitness routine. So, here are some tips to absorb:

  • Lift weights and progressively overload: Cardio is great for your heart, but is it good to lose belly fat? Well, that’s debatable. You see, cardio takes away fat and muscle mass from your body, which is not good. You must pay attention to lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises such that you are engaging your muscles. This is not just for weight gain or muscle gain, but even for fat loss. Remember, as you gain more muscle, your body’s metabolism becomes more active, which will help you lose more calories even at rest. 
  • Train your core: First and foremost, know that core is not just abs. The core comprises everything surrounding the spinal cord, including your abs, upper and lower back, and obliques. When you train these parts well, you start shedding fat and getting toned. One of the best ways to train your core is through planks, as they can effectively help you define your abs too. 


Stress management is something that most of us tend to ignore because of our busy schedules, or sometimes, general disinterest. It heavily affects our lifestyle and even fitness level, but we choose to ignore it because we are unaware of the consequences. Let’s shed some light on this less-known point. 

Stress is not just a mental concern because you can see its effects physically too. When your stress levels increase, it shows on your body in several ways, such as acne and pimples increasing on the skin, thinning of hair, bloating, and weight gain. You need to manage your stress effectively by actively taking some time out of your mind. Otherwise, no matter how consistently you exercise or how religiously you follow your diet, it will not show its effect due to the blockage created by high-stress levels. Here are some pointers of stress management:

  • Maintain a diary or journal to record your daily progress. It is a small step to achieving gratitude, uplifting your self-esteem, and establishing mental peace.
  • Mediate regularly as its effects are seen all over the body. It makes your mind calmer and sharper, enhances your sleep cycle and sleep quality, promotes better recovery, and lowers stress.


All in all, festivals and celebrations like Halloween will come and go. Instead of trying to force your body to reject sweets or to compromise on indulging in your favorite foods, try to find ways to balance them. Create a lifestyle that doesn’t demand you to push your body into anything aggressively- be it dietary restrictions or excessive exercise. Take a holistic approach by considering the four primary factors, and you’d never have to worry about your belly fat. It’s about time we move ahead from the quick fixes and build a lifestyle that allows both- healthful living and guilt-less celebrations.