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How Can I Increase The Time I Spend At The Gym?


Working out is hard. That’s not news to anyone who has set foot in a gym, but it can be tough to stay motivated and keep working out when the only thing you want to do is curl up on the couch with Netflix and eat ice cream. However, what if there are ways you could make working out easier? Not just more tolerable, but enjoyable, maybe even fun! If this sounds like something you might want to try, here are some ways that might help motivate you so you can increase the time you spend at the gym!

Start Small

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For most people starting at a gym, spending hours there is not sustainable. Your body isn’t used to the exertion, you’re probably not that excited about working out, and chances are the idea of another hour (or two) at the gym is already exhausting. The best way to make this any more manageable is to start small. Aim for 30 minutes or an hour a day instead of trying to go for multiple hours all at once. Then work your way up to a point where you can set a goal of going for numerous hours at a time and maybe even pushing yourself to stay there for an extra hour after your initial workout is up.

Get A Work Out Buddy

Working out with someone else is so much easier than going alone! When you have someone relying on you, it’s way easier to get up and get going. Plus, having someone to chat with can make a workout way more enjoyable. If you want to push yourself a little further, it’s also totally possible to compete with your workout buddy, whether that’s seeing who can lift the most or run the fastest! If you hold each other accountable, it will be much easier to keep yourself from leaving early and hitting your goal of staying at the gym longer.

Find Something You Love

It’s only natural that you will have a hard time staying at the gym if you hate working out. There are so many different ways to work out; it would be impossible not to find something you love! If running isn’t for you, maybe try lifting weights or swimming instead. Even switching it up day to day might help you not get bored and keep that motivation up. Plus, it’s just fun to try new things! The more fun you have at the gym, the easier it will be to increase your time there.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is an excellent way to increase your time at the gym, as long as it doesn’t become an expectation that you aren’t meeting. If spending an extra hour in the gym isn’t enough of a motivator for you, put something on the line. If you make it through your workout without stopping or taking a break, buy yourself some new clothes or treat yourself to whatever else you want! As long as it’s reasonable and doesn’t turn into an excuse to eat even more junk food, working out should be fun!

Add Some Music

Few things in life are more enjoyable than having a great song to work out to. People work out better with music, so why not try it! Nothing will make working out more fun than hitting play and jamming out to your favorite songs. It might even help you fight off the fatigue and push yourself a little harder, which will likely increase how long you can spend at the gym. Plus, who doesn’t love a good tune?

Change Up Your Routine

Try something different if you feel like your typical workout isn’t cutting it! It might be time for a change of pace. Switching up your routine can make things interesting and help push yourself to get better results. Maybe switch the machines around at the gym or focus on working on different muscles. Changing the order in which you work out your body can help keep things fresh. If you want to keep yourself excited about your workout, mixing things up is the best way to do it!

Don’t Push Yourself Past Your Limit

Many people think that pushing themselves past their limit is the best way to go. The truth is, it’s only going to end in pain and disappointment. Sure, you might lift more than your friend, but there are so many disadvantages for you! Pushing yourself past your limit can lead to injuries, fainting, or throwing up, resulting in you missing days at the gym. It’s just not worth it to push yourself past your limits, especially if it means going home before having a proper workout!

Get Proper Rest

Working out too much will only hurt your results and make it harder to spend more time at the gym. When you don’t get enough rest, your body won’t work as hard, which is why pushing yourself past your limit is such a bad decision. Make sure that you’re getting good sleep before heading into the gym again. Your muscles need time to recover, and there’s nothing worse than being burnt out when you’re supposed to be working out. You’ll become exhausted quickly, which will probably result in leaving the gym earlier than planned.


If you’re looking to increase the amount of time you spend at the gym, these are some excellent options for you! Find something that works for you and keeps things interesting, push yourself without overdoing it, and make sure to get enough sleep. These are all ways to help you stay motivated and interested in working out so that it becomes an activity you can consistently do! It’s all about staying healthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your workout!