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The Top 10 Christmas Foods

Christmas holidays are all about enjoying watching movies, spending time with family and friends, pretty decorations, and most importantly, lots of Christmas foods. Some of the most popular Christmas foods are listed below; check them out!

Top 10 Christmas Foods

Fruit Cake

Many special fruit cakes are available in the market or even people prepare their Christmas cake on their own. For some people, making a cake on Christmas is like a tradition. They celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ by making a cake with their own hands. Christians believe that cutting a cake and sharing it with others brings good luck and happiness. 

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Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is one of the old Christmas foods. It is a perfect dessert and accompaniment after having the Christmas dinner. The cranberry sauce compliments almost every dish on the Christmas dinner plate. Homemade cranberry sauce is better than market one. So prepare the sauce at home and don’t forget to prepare extra sauce because you can eat it with a cold slice of ham on any other day also. The main thing about cranberry sauce is that it is effortless to make.

Holiday Sugar Cookies

On a normal day, sugar cookies are not that much famous because most people like cookies with chunks of chocolate, fruits, or nuts in them. But on Christmas days, sugar cookies are very famous because they come in festive shapes and are decorated with green and red sprinkles. 


One of the most famous and traditional foods of Christmas is turkey. On the Thanksgiving holiday, 90% of Americans eat turkey as their main course. 

Roast Goose

In some areas, turkey is the traditional main course dish of Christmas dinner, but it’s a roast goose in other areas. Like chicken and turkey, the goose is also white meat. But the breast meat of goose has a stronger and darker flavor than turkey and chicken breast meat. Every year Americans consume ⅓ of pounds of goose. Most people roast goose for the Christmas meal. If you also want to make the juiciest and tastiest roasted goose this Christmas, make sure that you brine the goose the night before.


If you are thinking about the main meal of Christmas this year, consider honey-glazed ham. Serve the glazed ham with beer for the family to get together on Christmas without any worry. The ham is much juicier than turkey, and its taste is also better because of the thick and rich glaze.


Rutabaga is also one of the Christmas foods. You can prepare it two ways: mashed or cubed. If you are busy with some other Christmas work and don’t have much time to prepare, it goes for cubed rutabaga. And if you have time, go for mashed rutabaga; mash it after roasting it well. No matter what form of rutabaga you prepare, don’t worry, all people at the Christmas dinner table love it.  

Brussels Sprouts

Whether you like it or not, it is an integral part of Christmas dinner; that is why it comes in top Christmas foods. If you cook it correctly and adequately, it is one of the easiest and tastiest food items of Christmas that you can cook. Rather than boiled, roast them for excellent taste. Add some extra flavors and a bit of lemon after roasting it. 


Stuffing is the king of every meal, whether Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. The best thing about stuffing is that you can use it in many ways to cook it. While preparing stuffing at your home, the main ingredients you should consider are hazelnuts, cherries, pancetta, and caramelized fennel. You can use this stuffing in the turkey, chicken, goose, etc., to give them a great flavor. 

Chocolate Marzipan

It is the traditional sweet prepared on Christmas to distribute to the guests. You can prepare marzipans in very different shapes and use them to decorate your Christmas cake. In addition, you can use chocolate marzipans as candy to distribute to the children. The main ingredients of chocolate marzipans are sugar, vanilla essence, cashew nuts, desiccated coconut, and cocoa powder. 


Christmas is one of the most loveable or favorite festivals for people. Because they get official holidays at this festival and spend time with their friends and family, people prepare different foods on Christmas to celebrate the festival excellently.