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7 Weight Loss Supplements You Need To Avoid

Weight Loss Supplements

It goes beyond doubt that log-lasting and natural weight loss will come only with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Still, many weight watchers try out cheats like the ‘magic’ weight loss supplements which claim to help lose weight. If you are one of those people, it’s time to be aware of what you are taking and at what risk. Here are 7 top weight loss supplements you absolutely need to avoid:


#1: Hoodia

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An extract from a luscious plant in South Africa, this supplement made its entry into the weight loss world claiming to be an appetite suppressant but it has not proven any connection with weight loss.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to high blood pressure and affect heart rate and liver function.


#2: Caffeine


Known to better manage body metabolism, caffeine supplements haven’t been very effective in weight loss. Plus, they lead to overdose of daily recommended caffeine because you obviously don’t leave your daily cup of coffee for this supplement.

Reasons to avoid – An overdose of caffeine in daily diet can cause anxiety, muscle spasms, heart palpitations headache, urinary tract infections and shakiness.


#3: Ephedrine


Though eminent for its effectiveness in weight loss, over-the-counter ephedrine was banned by FDA in 2004 due to its overly harmful effects.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems such as heart attacks, seizures, strokes and arrhythmia.


#4: Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

This compound is chemically similar in structure to ephedrine but its effects on weight loss have not been proven.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to hypertension, increased heart rate, anxiety and chest pain.


#5: Chaparral


Known to hold its effectiveness in weight loss and treating bodily inflammation, this supplement should be absolutely avoided due to the risk associated.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to fatal liver and kidney problems.


#6: Green Tea Extract Powder

Green Tea Extract Powder

Recently promoted for its weight loss effectiveness, green tea extract powder has not yet proven its ability to do so. And even if it does, it has loads of harmful effects associated when taken over long periods.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to reduction in iron absorption, anemia, dizziness, hypertension and heart and liver problems.


#7: Usnic Acid

Usnic Acid

Popularized for weight loss and providing pain relief, there is no evidence related to the same.

Reasons to avoid – Can lead to considerable liver injury if taken for long periods of time.