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6 PROVEN Techniques For Getting Rid Of Love Handles

Pinching Belly Fat

While you focus on intervals of cardio, also train to build lean muscle. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, hang cleans and thrusters are ideal for building lean muscle.Who knew that something with the word ‘love’ in it could be so gravely unwanted? Love handles are something that you wish to remove not attain. Here are 6 proven techniques to get rid of body fat in the most unwanted part of the body:



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#1: Improve Your Diet

Nutrition plays an important role in losing weight. However, it is not simply a matter of eating less or eating more veggies. In fact, cutting carbs (especially pre and post-workout) is not wise as it deprives the body of energy and thus burning fat becomes a last priority. Likewise, healthy fats actually reduce body fat as absurd as it may sound.


#2: Avoid Alcohol, Limit Caffeine

Yes, it involves a bit of sacrifice but exactly how much do you want to get rid of those love handles? Alcohol is loaded with calories while more than a couple cups of coffee per day is also counter-productive.


#3: Drink a Gallon of Water per Day

It may sound redundant but you need to drink water, and then drink some more of it. When your body is dehydrated it desperately clutches onto it and instead tricks your mind into thinking you are hungry rather than thirsty. Ultimately it is more difficult to ward cravings.

#4: Get Plenty of Sleep, Make Recovery a Priority

If you are sleep deprived your hormones get out of whack and can impede weight loss. Why? Your metabolism slows in order to conserve energy as well as craves food. Additionally, one of the biggest mistakes when trying to shed love handles is that people overdo it. You must make time for recovery or you’ll never reach your goals.


#5: Burn Fat with Long, Slow Cardio Workouts

Prolonged cardio, especially workouts that are 45 minutes or longer is a good alternative to high intensity workouts one or two times per week. Longer cardio exercises targets hard to reach fat, such as love handles.


#6: Build Lean Muscle