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Stretches To End Your Day

Do you ever feel stiff and sore after a long day of work? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience pain in their neck, shoulders, and back after sitting at a desk all day. Feeling sore is because most people often spend most of their day in one position. The good news is that a few stretches can help relieve tension and pain. This blog post will discuss the best stretches to do at the end of the day!

Reclined Twist

The reclined twist is one of the best stretches to do at the end of the day. This stretch helps release tension in the lower back, hips, and spine. Start by lying on your back with both knees bent to do this stretch. Then, let your knees fall to one side while keeping your shoulders and head on the ground. You should feel a gentle stretch in your lower back, hips, and spine. Hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute before repeating on the other side. Doing this stretch at the end of the day can help you avoid pain and stiffness in the morning. It’s also a great way to relax your body and mind before bed.

Puppy Pose

The puppy pose is perfect if you want a stretch that will give your back a good arch and help lengthen your spine. It’s also great for opening up your chest and shoulders. To do this pose, start on all fours. Then, lower your forehead to the ground and reach your arms out in front of you. You can stay in this position for as long as you like. Just keep your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your wrists. If you want a deeper stretch, you can walk your hands forward until they align with your head. You can also try placing a block under your forehead for added support. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly while in this pose.

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Cat-Cow Pose

Another great option for stretching at the end of the day is the Cat-Cow pose. This stretch is excellent for your back and can help relieve the tension built up throughout the day. Start on your hands and knees with your spine in a neutral position to do this stretch. As you inhale, arch your back and look up towards the ceiling. Then, as you exhale, round your back and tuck your chin towards your chest. Repeat this a few times to get a good stretch in your back.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

This position helps to relax and rejuvenate your whole body. It’s also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Start by sitting with your hips next to a wall to do this pose. Then, lie down on your back and swing your legs up the wall. You can place your arms by your sides or overhead. Make sure to keep your back flat against the ground and your hips as close to the wall. Hold this pose for at least five minutes. This position is excellent for giving your legs a good stretch while also helping you to relax.

Happy Baby Pose

This pose is excellent for those experiencing hip discomfort or lower back pain. It’s also a perfect way to end the day because it’s relaxing. Start by lying on your back with both knees bent to do this pose. Then, grab hold of the outside of your feet with your hands. Gently pull your knees towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your hips and lower back. You can hold this position for as long as you like. Just make sure to breathe deeply and relax into the stretch.

Forward Fold

The forward fold is a simple stretch you can do during the day but is especially helpful after sitting all day. To do this stretch, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then, fold forward at the waist and let your arms hang down towards the ground. You can grab hold of your elbows or let your hands dangle loosely. Breathe deeply and hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute before slowly standing back up. This stretch is great for lengthening your spine and relieving tension in your back and shoulders.

Shoulder Opener

This stretch is excellent for releasing tension in the shoulders and neck. It also helps to open up the chest and improve posture. Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a soft bend in your knees. Hold a strap or towel in your right hand and extend your left arm out to the side at shoulder height. Gently pull on the strap with your right hand while keeping your left arm straight. You should feel a stretch in your left shoulder and upper back. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or hunched over a computer, this stretch is for you. It helps open up the chest and shoulders and relieves tension in the upper back. Give it a try at the end of your day and see how you feel.


You can do many different stretches at the end of the day to help relieve tension and stress. These stretches can also help to improve your posture, flexibility, and range of motion. Try incorporating some of these stretches into your daily routine and see how they make you feel. You may be surprised at how much better you feel after just a few minutes of stretching. Give them a try and see for yourself! Remember, if you feel any pain, stop and consult your doctor.