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Why It’s Hard To Lose Weight And What You Can Do


If you wish to lose weight, you know that there are no shortcuts for it and the only thing you can do is burn more calories than you consume. It might sound effortless, but the reality is that sometimes you lose a lot of weight initially, but the rate slows down or stops altogether after some time. So instead of getting depressed by not losing weight, try to find out what can be the reason behind it. 

There are several factors or conditions which can hinder weight loss. Sometimes you manage to make changes in your diet and exercise consistently but still do not see any progress in your weight loss plan. It might be because of the negligence of specific conditions affecting your weight loss. Sometimes this can be genetic or because of mental conditions or health problems. It’s a hard truth that weight loss cannot be achieved quickly, so it would be better for you to give proper time for this process.


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Person’s Attitude

Weight loss will not happen in a single day or overnight. Therefore, it takes time, and you must motivate yourself throughout your weight loss journey. Keep reminding yourself about the benefits of exercise and keep counting every single success. On the other hand, if you have a negative approach to your weight loss journey or feel depressed when not losing weight quickly, this journey can make you miserable. Therefore your attitude can affect your weight loss journey.


When you want a long-lasting weight loss, you have to make significant changes in how you eat. It means that you have to replace all your unhealthy eating habits with healthy foods. Make good choices in your diet and understand proper portion size. It does not mean that you must leave all your favorite foods. But the thing is that you can enjoy your favorite junk foods but remember not to make it an everyday habit. And you must know how you can reduce the calories you are eating.


Gender can affect how you lose weight. Recent research and studies have stated that it is easier for men to lose weight quickly. But women have to put more effort to see long-term results. For example, it is more challenging for women to lose belly fat first, but for men, belly fat is the area where you lose weight first. So while putting in your efforts, it is essential to keep these points in mind. 


If you want a healthy body, you have to change how you live. It means you have to change your lifestyle into a healthy one. But it does not mean changing all your habits overnight but bringing some small and gradual changes. If you are following an unhealthy lifestyle, losing weight can be challenging for you, even after a lot of effort. Avoid all your unhealthy habits as much as possible and replace them with new healthier ones.


Your surroundings, whether things or people, can affect your weight loss journey. If you surround yourself with unhealthy options or junk food, it is obvious to get tempted. So you need to set your environment so that it does not hinder your healthy choices but supports you in your efforts. For example, if you have a workout in your plans, setting up a separate room for workout purposes will motivate you.

Mental Health

Mental health can be a reason for increasing weight. If you are mentally healthy, it will be easy for you to keep your physical wellness. However, emotional problems, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues can make you overweight, making it difficult to lose weight. Adopt healthy ways to keep your mind relaxed and calm.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can make you overweight and make it harder to lose weight. These conditions include polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, etc. sometimes, weight gain is in your genes.

What Can You Do To Tackle Problems In Your Weight Loss Journey?

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast or your first meal of the day is essential so never skip your breakfast. A complete nutrient-rich breakfast can help you feel full longer, which will avoid binge eating during the day.

Don’t Eat Near Bedtime

Try to have your dinner at least two to three hours before you go to sleep. A dinner too close to bedtime can hinder your weight loss plan. 

Avoid Excessive Snacking

Avoid snacking after meals, especially after your dinner. Do not get tempted to have unhealthy foods like chips and ice cream.

Reduce Stress

As mental health can hinder your weight gain and weight loss process, try to avoid stressful situations. For this purpose, you can adopt meditation or exercise and have high-calorie and high-fat foods.

Get Quality Sleep

If you cannot get proper sleep, then your metabolism might slow down, which will make it harder for you to lose weight or burn calories. Also, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will not have enough energy to perform exercise or workouts.

Get A Check-Up

If you feel that you cannot lose weight even after putting in a lot of effort, go for a medical check-up. Check your thyroid because hypothyroidism can be a reason for your weight gain.

Ensure that you are free of any health issues like heart disease, hormonal disorders, eating disorders, or sleep apnea because these conditions can contribute to weight gain and make losing weight a tough job.

Check Medication Side Effects

It is also essential to check whether you are on any medications, especially for allergies, depression, diabetes, birth control, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, etc. These medications can hinder weight loss. If you take proper advice from your doctor, you can change your weight loss plans or medicines accordingly.


Exercise should be an essential part of your weight loss journey but never think that exercise alone would help you achieve great results. It is also essential to consume healthy food and adopt a healthy lifestyle along with exercise.

You must work out consistently; otherwise, you might fail to lose weight. In short, consistency can prove the key to success.


Weight loss is not easy, and several factors can affect it. The commercials of weight loss supplements boast that you eat less and move more, and your weight loss journey will be easy. But the reality is that many factors, genetic and environmental, affect weight loss. The main reason for losing weight can be equal calorie consumption and calorie use.

So it would help if you always focused on burning your calories more than what you eat. Also, keep a positive attitude and free yourself from anxiety and stress. All it requires is a change in your lifestyle, dedication, patience, and a few healthy habits. Weight is just a number; keeping yourself healthy and free of diseases is what you must focus on and work for it.